We work as a team to offer you the best services. The way we are structured at the office We are different people working on your files for internal control and assuring the integrity of our work. Receivable clerks This person is in charge of the billing and supervises the money in. This person sends letters when necessary and takes legal procedures (rental board or else). This person is also supervising the quality of the leases and all legal papers regarding the revenues. He or she is communicating all the informations to the janitors. Payable clerks This person is in charge of paying the bills after matching the proper work orders. He or she reports supervising the follow up of the authorized contracts. She is preparing the monthly accounting reports and dispatches them to who needs it. Supervisors These people are in charge of going on the premises, making sure that everything is going properly within the budget parameters. These people authorize the works and verify its quality. They are the bosses of your janitors, decide the price of the apartments and settle the conflicts with the tenants that are not solved by the janitors. These people receive the results of the credit inquiry and decide which prospect to accept or refuse. They receive the same communication sheet every month than yours. Executive Officer – Anne Scott I do the supervision of all those people and the main source of communication with you. I prepare the budget, the cheques are signed by me and the monthly reports revised by me. I try to be the most possible available for your needs and questions. By being involved in CORPIQ, I am in contact with the evolution of the real estate market. I am always being involved in strategic decisions like the renewal of the leases. As I have an accounting training and my license as a real estate broker, I can offer you all the required support. On premises We usually hire a janitor on your behalf to do the renting, collection, cleaning, snow-removal and landscaping. You should figure roughly $25* per month per door. The extra work is billed at $15* per hour. An allowance of $50* is given for each new lease. If your building is too small, we use a janitor from a close building under our management. The budget is the same for janitor services but the allowance for the renting can go up to $200* per apartment. If the renting has to be done by someone from the office, the allowance can go up to $350* per apartment. All the buildings under our management are equipped with faxes for controlling the integrity of the deposits, to follow up the collect and to minimize the postal delay. A rental application can be faxed as soon as it is applied to the credit investigation company and to us without delay. Renovations In business since 1988, we have our team of contractors for all your needs. We have no problems using your specialists as they know your buildings more than we do at this moment. We try to avoid plumbers and electricians as much as possible. We are using our contractors who charge $25* per hour. *Price may vary

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